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Roping steers fresh and seasoned.  Available for lease or sale. Lease $30 month or $450-$550 to buy. Call Banchio's @ 530-284-1472
18 year old rope horse.
Has been there done that. Roped at ACTRA ropings and finals, great for World Series ropings. Scores good, makes same run everytime. This is a great horse for a beginner or someone that has roped before, maybe a younger kid. He is super gentle and soooooo easy to be around. Hauls great, doesn’t get bothered by anything, doesn’t get attached to other horses. He is really a cool horse. My husband has roped on him for 12 years and moved up to a younger horse. Still has a lot of life to him and has minimal maintenance. $5500.00  

Call Jolie Thurston @ 530-524-5704