Membership Information
​2018 -2019 Membership Information 

Membership Due September 7, 2018 
(or 2 weeks prior to date of first rodeo)

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High School Membership Secretary
​Michele Johnson
7029 Island Road, Etna, CA 96027 

Jr. High Membership Secretary
Jodie Conard
4732 8th Avenue, Corning, CA  96021

Membership Fees
High School Membership (NHSRA & CHSRA) FEES       $165.00

Jr. High Membership (NHSRA & CHSRA)  FEES               $120.00

CHSRA ATV TICKETS (mandatory) $10.00 each (15 tickets must be sold by each member)

DISTRICT 1 SPONSORSHIP $200.00 (mandatory)

Report Cards / Progress Reports should be sent every 5 weeks to Membership Secretary in order to stay rodeo eligible.  As soon as you receive any 5 week or more progress/grade report from your school ,copy it, and send it on to your Membership Secretary.    Students that do not send reports when they receive them will be at risk for being eligible for rodeo.

Please note:   DO NOT send your grades  to the Membership Secretary as "Certified Mail". Send as "Certificate of Mailing" instead.   Keep the certificate as this is proof that you mailed the entry and the date of mailing.   Sending "Certified Mail" requires the Secretary to sign for each individual piece of mail and this causes a lot of unnecessary work on her part.  Forms to take with you to the post office have been filled out and provided for you for each of the different secretaries.

All members must watch and sign VERIFICATION FORM

Any adult (event directors, chute help, etc.) who will be in arena at any time needs to fill one out and turn in to MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY.